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Creative Writing

Whilst digital media has taken off, there's still plenty of love for the written word in today's media platforms!!  Online articles are all the rage, and match-day programs at sporting events are still very much a thing, as you can see above (articles taken from AFL Goldfields match-day publications in 2015)

If it's fresh, energetic, topical content that you're looking for, then On Deck Media is the only place to look!!  Whether it's an ongoing blog, a weekly column, feature articles, interviews or a match review piece, we can provide it for you.

On Deck Media's owner Shaun Kelly has been writing for various sporting publications since 2005, including the award-winning Friday Preview weekly column on the Eastern Football League website (which, incidentally, broke the internet each Friday afternoon for a good seven year period!!), match reviews and feature articles for match-day publications, media releases and even snappy social media tidbits.

So whatever your writing requirements are, contact us to see how we can help increase your readership!