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Remember the days when Dad used to pull the video camera out at every family event? You used to hate it at the time, but you then loved to sit down with your family and look back at the memories on your family's trusty VCR.

But what are those old VHS videos doing now? Gathering dust in a corner, or simply tucked away in the shed, watching technology pass them by?

Now, you can relive those memories all over again, with On Deck Media's VHS Duplication Service.

It's as simple as you like - you bring us your old VHS videos in good condition, and we'll convert the footage, preserving the original video quality and sound, onto a DVD for you, complete with your own custom packaging!!

What's more, we transfer your videos in real-time, which means you don't have to worry about high-speed compression machines warping your vision and making it unwatchable!!

Prices start from just $30 per video, which includes the transfer, custom DVD sleeve, DVD cover and your disc, and prices get cheaper as you get more of your memories preserved...see below!

Number of videos
Price per video

Contact us now to enquire about making sure your priceless VHS memories live on forever!

Video Duplication